Den store kommunereformen

Antall kommuner som forhandler om sammenslåing passerte denne uka 200. Flere intensjonsavtaler er nylig blitt vedtatt i kommunestyrene. Det går mot en massiv sammenslåin i kommunenorge.


Municipal Report updates the reform map weekly. Status of municipalities form as of 19 February, 11 municipalities have Applied for merging into five new municipalities 211 reseller or have Decided to start negotiations (+11) 148 is in study phase or have not taken a position report is Corbet (- 53) 7 probing (+ 1, Randaberg) 51 municipalities have completed the process, after Conducting an investigation (- 1) Ringerike has Decided two negotiate with Jevnaker and Hole, wooden hasnt made ​​a decision yet. They willhave an advisory referendum on the memorandum. Lower Spokes adopted on 10 February two negotiate with neighboring municipalities two merge. It applier Upper Eiker and Drammen and its Negotiating partners. The Chairmanship of Hurum adopted on 3 February two continue negotiations in three ShowUserReviews Reviews directions: with smoke with smoke, Asker and Bærum and Drammen and Svelvik. Chairman cabinets Voss, Vik and Aurland was a meeting 12.2.16 Agreed two negotiate a memorandum of understanding. Voss and Aurland is new in the negotiation phase, while Vik dealer for more option in Sogn. The municipal council in Snillfjord are Unanimous in pre-trading on three ShowUserReviews Reviews directions: with Agdenes, Meldal, Orkdal, Skaun and Rindal (Orkdal option), with Hitra and even Hemne, Aure and Halsa. Klæbu Trondheim has started negotiations. Klæbu mayor Kirsti Timber Violence (Labor) said negotiation meeting on Tuesday had «good atmosphere and good progress.» Bardu Decided Wednesday two negotiate several options: Bardu, Dyrøy, Målselv, Accurate and Bardu, Lavangen and Salangen. Bardu and Målselv is a third option . Municipality boards in Halsa and Surnadal Decided yesterday to open for county transfer two Trondelag, if it is merging with Rindal. Negotiations on the MoU can now PROCEED. Gjerstad on Thursday approved Negotiating a letter of intent with both Risør, Vegårshei and Tvedestrand (4K ) and Arendal, Tvedestrand, Risør, Vegårshei and possibly Amli (6K)